Verna Salmon retired in 2013. During her career, she helped people with relationship problems and issues such as depression, anxiety, addictions and codependency. She worked with individuals, couples and families. She also facilitated women’s and couple’s groups with experiential therapy, using psychodrama and cognitive behavioral processes. Verna has helped scores of seniors to achieve greater mental health. In private practice since 1985, she has treated more than two thousand clients.

Verna with her mentor Anita Roddick

Verna with Anita Roddick

Clients and acquaintances alike, find Verna Salmon very approachable, straightforward, and insightful. Verna begins therapy by guiding the client through a brief look into their family of origin and how that may be playing a part in the present crisis.

Verna then helps the individual clarify troublesome issues and set goals for recovery. The aim is not psychoanalysis, but short term therapy to bring wholeness and balance back into the person’s life. A strong spiritual (not religious) component is always a part of Verna’s counsel, since the empowerment of one’s spirit is behind all life change.

Besides referencing experiences from the myriad of men and women she has counseled, Verna at times references her own experience. She models the open and honest recovery behaviors that she teaches. Verna knows the value of being mentored, and among others, has been coached by the former Dame Anita Roddick (Body Shops Ltd) pictured here, and world renowned researcher and educator, Dr. Patrick Carnes, author of titles such as Out of the Shadows – Understanding Sexual Addiction.

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